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may 26th 2014. seetyca's third installment in his longform meditation series about time arrived just in time here: zeit³.
so check this before your time runs out.

april 14th 2014. a legend! a secret! a precious pearl! call it whatever you like. but your beloved vzusdw brings to the light of day now is very special: karyon, moda emo and zwart hit seetyca and the vzusdw! right between the eyes! and they return the favor. a projekct long lost within the vaults of time: vs.
now make haste and get yourself a copy of it, right here, right now!

march 23th 2014. seetyca is back on vzusdw.org with a special 2-hour-projekct! the restless wanderer was traveling leipzig-lindenau>germany with his microphones for doing an audiowalk commissioned by leipzig's art bureau d21 in 2011. recorded sounds of the city were transformed into sound, both rhythmically and emotionally at once, still being that typical seetyca style.
initially released via udo noll's great world sound tool aporee.org (were you can still find all of his source recordings) your humblest musical society is proud enough to release those transformated environments in one whole fuckin' show: urbane räume.

february 8th 2014. hey hey hey! after a year in silence world's famous alien community, the vzusdw, graces your ears with new pleasure. fellow hard boppers rötzer & tellhorn from frankfurt are ready to make you dance & scream with their new vehikel ep! resistance is futile, boys 'n girls!

february 2nd 2013. hey again, folx! the zonnhaiders remixes are on the way to you. back in 2008 seetyca and colleagues remixed music of the galao ep by the zonnhaider's club. after 4 years laying around these precious pearls of music are finally released now, all in one nice little remix ep. see!?

may 28th 2012. hello folx! tha nu year in its first warm days and seetyca is back with a cute, tiny ep we call eomante! again he leads us on a travel to dark, beautiful ambiant regions under a starless sky, inhabited by eyeless creatures inhaling liquid methane cocktails whilst studying the works of kircher... uh, we are chatty here, aren't we?

december 7th 2011. space is the place, folks! the vzusdw presents the international spaceweather orchestra presenting a cosmic space suite for you: the place where no space is! dive into an all-alien-mysterical secretly planned release full of x-filed musical ambiance hailing all space pioneers, non-existent ufo-testing areas, alien life forms, tentaculized miracles, space oddities and star-spangled star spangles out there! cosmic.

july 13th 2011. the man of a thousand sounds arrived! mystified from st. louis debuts on vzusdw.org with a rework of the 2004 seetyca|mystified collab a:|:i [arctic isolationism]. shifting old material into a new, mystified tune, arctic isolationism revisited this project creates a classic once more. so lift your skinny fists into the air and praise the master!

june 4th 2011. till slayer arrived at the house! we have his new album chiquandella street for you. containing contributions from the newschubert, postmoderne phonomöbel, clemens presser and us, the great vzusdw!

april 25th 2011. hey ho! the vzusdw returns on their very own label with a new ep given to you all. so please please yourself with that new bastelphleisch ep. touché!

december 21st 2010. dear folks! vzusdw is pleased to give you an ep of a french band, nicely to hear and suitable for a snowy sunday. try the picardie ep.

august 23th 2010. there's news on the ethno field, coz we showstoppers have organised once more a sad world. see.

march 6th 2010. our next release is online, and is a prominent, special, intimate recording: seetyca releases his first field recording on vzusdw.org! the work is called lost in the ayre. see.

august 15th 2009. vzusdw.org netlabel for experimental music opens with its first release, lachsalven ep by the mercury theatre of the air.

may 2009. vzusdw.org opens soon.